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Mould Removal

Black Mould Removal in Victoria

With our wonderful-but-wet climate here on the island, the conditions are just about perfect for black mould (Stachybotrys) to flourish if left unchecked. You can prevent black mould from becoming an issue in your home or office by eliminating any spots where moisture can permeate the construction materials. Dripping toilet tanks, damaged drain pipes, and leaky roofs can allow water to get into the drywall, OSB, or carpet, and can lead to a ripe colony of toxic mould. You'll usually smell black mould before you can see it. Left untreated, black mould can aggravate respiratory issues and trigger allergic reactions, and may lead to severe health complications.

Professional Protection

You can't eliminate the toxic black mould until the moisture problem has been resolved. Until that's fixed, the problem will keep returning, doing more damage each time. Once you have sourced the cause and repaired it, a professional remediation crew, like RemovAll Remediation, can clean and treat the affected area, obtain a third-party clearance, and provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing the issue was taken care of fully and safely.

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Fun Fact: Is Mould the Same as Mold?

If you have an American education, you probably call this common fungus mold. If you have a British background, chances are you call it mould. In Canada, people tend to mix the two, mold or mould. Either way, it’s the same thing. Call it mould or mold, it’s a fungal material that can develop when moisture and heat get together. At RemovAll, we spell it mould.


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