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Lead Paint Removal

Get the Lead Out

Lead, a naturally occurring heavy metal, is used in many different ways around the home, many of which we don't think of as particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, lead has been strongly connected to an increase in brain and kidney damage and other health concerns.

Where Is the Lead in Your Home?

You're probably aware that lead was a common ingredient in many paints, but it's also found in:

    Dust – usually from paint chips or the fine dust caused by sanding old paint.

  Water – in many older homes, the solder used to join pipes has a high lead content, and over time, this can leach into your drinking water.

   Ceramics/china – lead-glazing was a popular way to finish different items that are used in the home regularly, such as coffee mugs and dinner plates.

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How to Remove Lead from Your Home in Victoria

Once a third-party investigation determines that the lead levels in your home are above the safe limit, the next step is to coordinate with a professional to safely remove the materials. Our crews will work with you to schedule a time that's convenient for your family, and then we'll safely remove and dispose of the hazardous materials so your contractors can replace them with safer materials.

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