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Why RemovAll Doesn't Offer A Hazardous Materials Survey

Why RemovAll Doesn't Offer Hazardous Materials Survey

Before you begin any home renovation project on a home or business in Victoria, you should always start with a professional environmental survey from an independent third-party to identify the sources of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

While we have the knowledge and access to the training, we choose not to offer this as a service because of the potential for a conflict of interest. It just doesn't feel right to come into your home and tell you that you have hazardous materials and then charge you to clean it up. It'd be like paying your doctor for the prescription they just wrote for you. It happens in our industry, but it's not something we do.

We recommend hiring a well-established professional consultant to complete these surveys. Beware of pop-up companies that take a one- or two-day AHERA building inspector course, which technically allows them to produce these surveys. They may look enticing due to the cheaper costs presented, but they're often inexperienced, which will likely cost you more in the end. In our experience in remediating homes and businesses in Victoria, these low-cost surveys are rarely adequate. WorkSafeBC often requires us to have another more experienced company come in and inspect for missed materials, causing you to effectively pay for the job twice.

If you'd like suggestions on some of the professionals we've worked with previously, please give us a call. We'll be happy to share a few names and numbers with you, so you can choose the right professional for your project (and no – we don't receive any compensation for sharing their information).

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