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Creating a Healthy Home

Creating a Healthy Home From the Inside Out

Greater Victoria is blessed with an abundance of beautiful older homes, but as homeowners try to bring modern features to these timeless buildings, they can face an unexpected hurdle: asbestos.


The professionals at RemovAll Remediation Services will ensure you get the information you need with the expertise to get the job done right and at a fair price.

Better Business Bureau-accredited with an 11-year uninterrupted A+ rating and member of the Canadian Home Builders' Association, RemovAll Remediation Services is home to Victoria's asbestos abatement experts, a team committed to customer service and quality workmanship, explains Summer Green, owner of RemovAll.

Recognizing the prospect of having asbestos removed can be distressing for home and business owners. The RemovAll team believes in making the experience as simple as possible, beginning with qualified third-party testing to identify if asbestos is indeed present. "We want people to be comfortable, so we walk them through it from beginning to end," Green says.

For homeowners, issues typically arise if they're planning to renovate an older home. Abatement measures may only be needed in the room being renovated, not the entire house, Green explains.

Attics tend to be a common area of concern, as is asbestos tape used in ducting and the air-cell-wrapped pipes that accompanied original hot water radiator heating in older homes.

Individual projects will govern the scope of the area that will need to be inspected and treated, but the RemovAll team’s years of experience and commitment to customer service ensure the process will be undertaken quickly and safely.

"If you're demolishing an entire house to build new, we'll need a full survey, but if you're only doing work in a bathroom, we can focus on that area," Green says.


Big project or small, "we get in and get out, getting you back in your home or business, where you need to be."

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“These people are fantastic. They parachuted in when we encountered an unexpected problem during a renovation, and were excellent in every way: professional, efficient, and good value. As a result, we stayed on schedule, and a very stressful situation was managed very well. Five stars – you are the best.”



–A grateful RemovAll Remediation customer


RemovAll: Help For Every Stage of Your Project

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