What We’ll Do For You

Our job is to remove all of the potentially hazardous materials in your space. We service the commercial, industrial, real estate and home markets with the same care and consideration.


Specialize in non evasive remediation of all asbestos containing material.
– Asbestos containing insulation (vermiculite)
– Asbestos containing sheet or tile flooring
– Asbestos containing drywall compound
– Asbestos containing tape wrapped ducts and vents

We provide you with a written 3rd party air clearance report as per government standards at completion of all high risk jobs.

Mould abatement

Often mould lurks under floors and behind walls and isn’t discovered until the surface is disturbed. This is the time to call us! We’ll investigate the problem and ascertain the extent and recommend the appropriate remediation. Often mould is an indication of other underlying problems and we are experienced in dealing with other trades people in not just the removal of the mould but the cause of the problem.

Removal Remediation Services Ltd. specializes in the safe removal of dangerous substances in homes and commercial buildings.