Worksafe BC Regulations

Worksafe BC requires a hazardous materials inspection for any worksite to check for the presence of potential asbestos containing materials in a building. Most municipalities insist on an inventory of hazardous materials presence in a building before they will issue a permit to renovate or demolition.

Section 20.112 of the OHS Regulation indicates:

Before starting any demolition or renovations the employer or owner must:

  • Inspect the site to identify any asbestos, lead or other heavy metal or toxic, flammable or explosive materials that may be handled, disturbed or moved
  • Have the inspection results available at the worksite including and drawing, plans or specifications, as appropriate, to show the locations of any hazardous materials
  • Ensure that any hazardous materials found are safely contained or removed and


Failure to comply could have severe financial and health repercussions.

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