Don’t Worry…

We believe in managing the removal and remediation process with care and understanding.

Often home and business owners are quite distressed to discover there is a need to remove hazardous materials in their building. We know that if you’re reading this it is most likely that you’ve been told you may have a problem. It is not our job to further distress you with tales of hazards. Our professional testing, fair pricing and prompt service is designed to relieve the stress of the situation in the most efficient manner.

Asbestos, lead and mould are found in many structures and while undisturbed they may cause little threat in most situations. When these substances are disturbed it is best handled by a professional. Not only for the exposure risk during the process but equally important, insuring the long-term health risk has been eradicated.

RemovAll Remediation was founded in 2005 to provide a less expensive, more personal and higher standard of service in the remediation field in Victoria, BC and the surrounding areas on Vancouver Island.

RemovAll Remediation has the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle your remediation.

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Removal Remediation Services Ltd. specializes in the safe removal of dangerous substances in homes and commercial buildings.